Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Every person with a disability has unique demands that must be met, thus we provide you an NDIS-approved, personalised solution so that everyone with a disability may have the utmost comfort. We promise to give you with the necessary advice during the support provider implementation process.

The aids for NDIS-funded help with daily chores can be tailored for shared living or groups; in this case, the costs will take the candidate’s particular needs into account. For instance, if a difficult disease requires more support, the cost can increase somewhat on holidays or weekends. In these circumstances, the NDIS will pay your carer directly.

Our services comprise both aspirational and practical knowledge and address all requirements for leading a decent life. We use both indoor and outdoor motions to aid with daily duties.

Our service with daily life task includes but not limited to:

  • Personal hygiene tasks involve dressing/ undressing, showering oral hygiene etc.
  • Washroom assistance
  • Eating or drinking
  • Mobility assistance
  • Assistance while medical or personal visits
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