Community Nursing Care

Through community nursing care, Care Buddy Australia collaborates with clients to assist them in leading as independent and healthy a life as possible. When a person requires additional clinical nursing support, this style of care is appropriate. To prevent illness, preserve good health, and help with current health issues, we work closely with participants and their families.

Our community nursing services are customised, participant-focused, and individual. Our goal is to help participants keep their freedom while still advancing their professions and supporting their families.

Services our community nursing care is able to provide include:

  • Care after a hospital stay
  • General nursing aid, including help with persistent problems

  • Services known as “Hospital in the Home” offer hospital-quality treatment outside of a hospital

  • Aid with palliative care nursing for those with life-limiting illnesses who need assistance to remain at home

  • Wound management
  • Medication management
  • Diabetes care and management
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